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log4cpp::LayoutsFactory - Man Page


#include <LayoutsFactory.hh>

Public Types

typedef FactoryParams params_t
typedef std::auto_ptr< Layout >(* create_function_t) (const params_t &params)

Public Member Functions

void registerCreator (const std::string &class_name, create_function_t create_function)
std::auto_ptr< Layout > create (const std::string &class_name, const params_t &params)
bool registed (const std::string &class_name) const

Static Public Member Functions

static LayoutsFactory & getInstance ()

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::auto_ptr< Layout >(* log4cpp::LayoutsFactory::create_function_t) (const params_t &params)

typedef FactoryParams log4cpp::LayoutsFactory::params_t

Member Function Documentation

std::auto_ptr< Layout > log4cpp::LayoutsFactory::create (const std::string & class_name, const params_t & params)

LayoutsFactory & log4cpp::LayoutsFactory::getInstance () [static]

bool log4cpp::LayoutsFactory::registed (const std::string & class_name) const

void log4cpp::LayoutsFactory::registerCreator (const std::string & class_name, create_function_t create_function)


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