log4cpp::RollingFileAppender man page

log4cpp::RollingFileAppender — RollingFileAppender is a FileAppender that rolls over the logfile once it has reached a certain size limit.  


#include <RollingFileAppender.hh>

Inherits log4cpp::FileAppender.

Public Member Functions

RollingFileAppender (const std::string &name, const std::string &fileName, size_t maxFileSize=10 *1024 *1024, unsigned int maxBackupIndex=1, bool append=true, mode_t mode=00644)
virtual void setMaxBackupIndex (unsigned int maxBackups)
virtual unsigned int getMaxBackupIndex () const
virtual void setMaximumFileSize (size_t maxFileSize)
virtual size_t getMaxFileSize () const
virtual void rollOver ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void _append (const LoggingEvent &event)
Log in Appender specific way.

Protected Attributes

unsigned int _maxBackupIndex
unsigned short int _maxBackupIndexWidth
size_t _maxFileSize

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

RollingFileAppender is a FileAppender that rolls over the logfile once it has reached a certain size limit.



Constructor & Destructor Documentation

log4cpp::RollingFileAppender::RollingFileAppender (const std::string & name, const std::string & fileName, size_t maxFileSize = 10*1024*1024, unsigned int maxBackupIndex = 1, bool append = true, mode_t mode = 00644)

Member Function Documentation

void log4cpp::RollingFileAppender::_append (const LoggingEvent & event) [protected], [virtual]

Log in Appender specific way. Subclasses of Appender should implement this method to perform actual logging.


event The LoggingEvent to log.

Reimplemented from log4cpp::FileAppender.

unsigned int log4cpp::RollingFileAppender::getMaxBackupIndex () const [virtual]

size_t log4cpp::RollingFileAppender::getMaxFileSize () const [virtual]

void log4cpp::RollingFileAppender::rollOver () [virtual]

void log4cpp::RollingFileAppender::setMaxBackupIndex (unsigned int maxBackups) [virtual]

void log4cpp::RollingFileAppender::setMaximumFileSize (size_t maxFileSize) [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int log4cpp::RollingFileAppender::_maxBackupIndex [protected]

unsigned short int log4cpp::RollingFileAppender::_maxBackupIndexWidth [protected]

size_t log4cpp::RollingFileAppender::_maxFileSize [protected]


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