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The top level namespace for all 'Log for C++' types and classes.



namespace details
namespace threading


class AbortAppender
This Appender causes the application to abort() upon the first append() call.
class Appender
Implement this interface for your own strategies for printing log statements.
class AppendersFactory
class AppenderSkeleton
AppenderSkeleton is a helper class, simplifying implementation of Appenders: it already takes care of handling of Thresholds and Filters.
class BasicConfigurator
This class implements a trivial default configuration for log4cpp: it adds a FileAppender that logs to stdout and uses a BasicLayout to the root Category.
class BasicLayout
BasicLayout is a simple fixed format Layout implementation.
class BufferingAppender
class Category
This is the central class in the log4j package.
struct CategoryNameComponent
class CategoryStream
This class enables streaming simple types and objects to a category.
class ConfigureFailure
Exception class for configuration.
class DailyRollingFileAppender
DailyRollingFileAppender is a FileAppender that rolls over the logfile once the next day starts.
class FactoryParams
class FileAppender
class Filter
Users should extend this class to implement customized logging event filtering.
class FixedContextCategory
This Category subclass replaces the NDC field in LoggingEvents with a fixed context string.
struct FormatModifierComponent
class HierarchyMaintainer
HierarchyMaintainer is an internal log4cpp class.
class IdsaAppender
IdsaAppender is an Appender that sends LoggingEvents to the IDS/A logger and reference monitor by Marc Welz.
class Layout
Extend this abstract class to create your own log layout format.
class LayoutAppender
LayoutAppender is a common superclass for all Appenders that require a Layout.
class LayoutsFactory
class LevelEvaluator
struct LoggingEvent
The internal representation of logging events.
struct MessageComponent
struct MillisSinceEpochComponent
class NDC
The NDC class implements nested diagnostic contexts as defined by Neil Harrison in the article 'Patterns for Logging Diagnostic Messages' part of the book '<i>Pattern Languages of Program Design 3</i>' edited by Martin et al. "
struct NDCComponent
class NTEventLogAppender
NTEventLogAppender is an Appender that sends LoggingEvents to the Windows event log.
class OstreamAppender
OstreamAppender appends LoggingEvents to ostreams.
class PassThroughLayout
class PatternLayout
PatternLayout is a simple fixed format Layout implementation.
class Priority
The Priority class provides importance levels with which one can categorize log messages.
struct PriorityComponent
struct ProcessorTimeComponent
class Properties
class PropertyConfigurator
Property configurator will read a config file using the same (or similar) format to the config file used by log4j.
class PropertyConfiguratorImpl
class RemoteSyslogAppender
RemoteSyslogAppender sends LoggingEvents to a remote syslog system.
class RollingFileAppender
RollingFileAppender is a FileAppender that rolls over the logfile once it has reached a certain size limit.
struct SecondsSinceEpochComponent
class SimpleConfigurator
This class implements a simple Configurator for log4cpp.
class SimpleLayout
BasicLayout is a simple fixed format Layout implementation.
struct StringLiteralComponent
class StringQueueAppender
This class puts log messages in an in-memory queue.
class StringUtil
class SyslogAppender
SyslogAppender sends LoggingEvents to the local syslog system.
class tab
struct ThreadNameComponent
class TimeStamp
A simple TimeStamp abstraction.
struct TimeStampComponent
class TriggeringEventEvaluator
class TriggeringEventEvaluatorFactory
class width
class Win32DebugAppender
Win32DebugAppender simply sends the log message to the default system debugger on Win32 systems.


typedef std::set< Appender * > AppenderSet


LOG4CPP_EXPORT CategoryStream & eol (CategoryStream &os)
eol manipulator
LOG4CPP_EXPORT CategoryStream & left (CategoryStream &os)
left manipulator
std::auto_ptr< Appender > create_abort_appender (const FactoryParams &params)
std::auto_ptr< Appender > create_file_appender (const FactoryParams &)
std::auto_ptr< Appender > create_roll_file_appender (const FactoryParams &)
std::auto_ptr< Appender > create_daily_roll_file_appender (const FactoryParams &)
std::auto_ptr< Appender > create_idsa_appender (const FactoryParams &)
std::auto_ptr< Appender > create_nt_event_log_appender (const FactoryParams &)
std::auto_ptr< Appender > create_remote_syslog_appender (const FactoryParams &)
std::auto_ptr< Appender > create_syslog_appender (const FactoryParams &)
std::auto_ptr< Appender > create_win32_debug_appender (const FactoryParams &)
std::auto_ptr< Appender > create_smtp_appender (const FactoryParams &)
std::auto_ptr< Layout > create_basic_layout (const FactoryParams &params)
std::auto_ptr< Layout > create_simple_layout (const FactoryParams &params)
std::auto_ptr< Layout > create_pattern_layout (const FactoryParams &params)
std::auto_ptr< Layout > create_pass_through_layout (const FactoryParams &params)
std::auto_ptr< TriggeringEventEvaluator > create_level_evaluator (const FactoryParams &params)
void localtime (const ::time_t *time, ::tm *t)
ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, const width &w)
ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, const tab &t)
template<typename T > const T & min (const T &a, const T &b)
template<typename T > const T & max (const T &a, const T &b)


class LOG4CPP_EXPORT Filter
static Appender::AppenderMapStorageInitializer appenderMapStorageInitializer
class LOG4CPP_EXPORT Category
class LOG4CPP_EXPORT CategoryStream
static int appenders_nifty_counter
static char appenderMapStorage_buf [sizeof(Appender::AppenderMapStorage)]
static AppendersFactory * appenders_factory_ = 0
static const std::string EMPTY
static LayoutsFactory * layouts_factory_ = 0
static TriggeringEventEvaluatorFactory * evaluators_factory_ = 0

Detailed Description

The top level namespace for all 'Log for C++' types and classes.

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::set<Appender *> log4cpp::AppenderSet

Function Documentation

std::auto_ptr< Appender > log4cpp::create_abort_appender (const FactoryParams & params)

std::auto_ptr< Layout > log4cpp::create_basic_layout (const FactoryParams & params)

std::auto_ptr< Appender > log4cpp::create_daily_roll_file_appender (const FactoryParams & params)

std::auto_ptr< Appender > log4cpp::create_file_appender (const FactoryParams & params)

std::auto_ptr< Appender > log4cpp::create_idsa_appender (const FactoryParams &)

std::auto_ptr< TriggeringEventEvaluator > log4cpp::create_level_evaluator (const FactoryParams & params)

std::auto_ptr< Appender > log4cpp::create_nt_event_log_appender (const FactoryParams & params)

std::auto_ptr< Layout > log4cpp::create_pass_through_layout (const FactoryParams & params)

std::auto_ptr< Layout > log4cpp::create_pattern_layout (const FactoryParams & params)

std::auto_ptr< Appender > log4cpp::create_remote_syslog_appender (const FactoryParams & params)

std::auto_ptr< Appender > log4cpp::create_roll_file_appender (const FactoryParams & params)

std::auto_ptr< Layout > log4cpp::create_simple_layout (const FactoryParams & params)

std::auto_ptr< Appender > log4cpp::create_smtp_appender (const FactoryParams &)

std::auto_ptr< Appender > log4cpp::create_syslog_appender (const FactoryParams &)

std::auto_ptr< Appender > log4cpp::create_win32_debug_appender (const FactoryParams & params)

CategoryStream & log4cpp::eol (CategoryStream & os)

eol manipulator

CategoryStream & log4cpp::left (CategoryStream & os)

left manipulator

void log4cpp::localtime (const ::time_t * time, ::tm * t)

template<typename T > const T & log4cpp::max (const T & a, const T & b)

template<typename T > const T & log4cpp::min (const T & a, const T & b)

ostream & log4cpp::operator<< (ostream & os, const tab & t)

ostream & log4cpp::operator<< (ostream & os, const width & w)

Variable Documentation

char log4cpp::appenderMapStorage_buf[sizeof(Appender::AppenderMapStorage)] [static]

Appender::AppenderMapStorageInitializer log4cpp::appenderMapStorageInitializer [static]

AppendersFactory* log4cpp::appenders_factory_ = 0 [static]

int log4cpp::appenders_nifty_counter [static]

class LOG4CPP_EXPORT log4cpp::Category

class LOG4CPP_EXPORT log4cpp::CategoryStream

const std::string log4cpp::EMPTY [static]

TriggeringEventEvaluatorFactory* log4cpp::evaluators_factory_ = 0 [static]

class LOG4CPP_EXPORT log4cpp::Filter

LayoutsFactory* log4cpp::layouts_factory_ = 0 [static]


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