log.3alc - Man Page

logical representations for boolean functions and utilities.


log is a set of structures and functions that permits to manipulate several representations of boolean functions. Several programs and libraries of the cao-vlsi cad tools rest on the log package. Two different kind of functions are available for:

Prefixed representation for boolean functions

Ordered binary decision diagrams representation


Let's suppose that actual mbk version is 'nnn'. In order to use log, libMutnnn.a library must be called.
HEADER = -I/labo/include
LIB = -L/labo/lib -lMutnnn -ltshmmm -lablmmm -lbddmmm
Each library can be called separately. The "logmmm.h" header file must be inserted in the files that use the functions or the structures defined in a library.  

See Also

mbk(1), beh(1),


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Referenced By

beh.3alc(3), expm1(3), ilogb(3), log10(3), log1p(3), log2(3), logb(3), matherr(3), math_error(7).

October 1, 1997 ASIM/LIP6 cao-vlsi reference manual