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load_sample - Man Page

Loads a sample from a file. Allegro game programming library.


#include <allegro.h>

SAMPLE *load_sample(const char *filename);


Loads a sample from a file, supporting both mono and stereo WAV and mono VOC files, in 8 or 16-bit formats, as well as formats handled by functions registered using register_sample_file_type(). Example:

   SAMPLE *sample = load_sample(user_input);
   if (!sample)
      abort_on_error("Couldn't load sample!");

Return Value

Returns a pointer to the SAMPLE or NULL on error. Remember to free this sample later to avoid memory leaks.

See Also

destroy_sample(3), load_voc(3), load_wav(3), play_sample(3), save_sample(3), register_sample_file_type(3), exsample(3)

Referenced By

allocate_voice(3), create_sample(3), destroy_sample(3), exsample(3), load_voc(3), load_wav(3), lock_sample(3), play_sample(3), reallocate_voice(3), register_sample_file_type(3), SAMPLE(3), save_sample(3).

version 4.4.3 Allegro manual