lo_arg man page

lo_arg — Union used to read values from incoming messages.  


Data Fields

int32_t i
int32_t i32
int64_t h
int64_t i64
float f
float f32
double d
double f64
char s
char S
unsigned char c
uint8_t m [4]
lo_timetag t

Detailed Description

Union used to read values from incoming messages.

Types can generally be read using argv[n]->t where n is the argument number and t is the type character, with the exception of strings and symbols which must be read with &argv[n]->t.

Field Documentation

unsigned char lo_arg::c

Standard C, 8 bit, char.

double lo_arg::d

64 bit IEEE-754 double.

float lo_arg::f

32 bit IEEE-754 float.

float lo_arg::f32

32 bit IEEE-754 float.

double lo_arg::f64

64 bit IEEE-754 double.

int64_t lo_arg::h

64 bit signed integer.

int32_t lo_arg::i

32 bit signed integer.

int32_t lo_arg::i32

32 bit signed integer.

int64_t lo_arg::i64

64 bit signed integer.

uint8_t lo_arg::m[4]

A 4 byte MIDI packet.

char lo_arg::s

Standard C, NULL terminated string.

char lo_arg::S

Standard C, NULL terminated, string. Used in systems which distinguish strings and symbols.

lo_timetag lo_arg::t

OSC TimeTag value.


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