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DNS resolver functions


Data Structures

struct wget_dns_stats_data
struct wget_dns_st


int wget_dns_init (wget_dns **dns)
void wget_dns_free (wget_dns **dns)
void wget_dns_set_timeout (wget_dns *dns, int timeout)
void wget_dns_set_cache (wget_dns *dns, wget_dns_cache *cache)
wget_dns_cache * wget_dns_get_cache (wget_dns *dns)
int wget_dns_cache_ip (wget_dns *dns, const char *ip, const char *name, uint16_t port)
struct addrinfo * wget_dns_resolve (wget_dns *dns, const char *host, uint16_t port, int family, int preferred_family)
void wget_dns_freeaddrinfo (wget_dns *dns, struct addrinfo **addrinfo)
void wget_dns_set_stats_callback (wget_dns *dns, wget_dns_stats_callback *fn, void *ctx)

Detailed Description

DNS Resolver functions.

Function Documentation

int wget_dns_init (wget_dns ** dns)


dns Pointer to return newly allocated and initialized wget_dns instance


WGET_E_SUCCESS if OK, WGET_E_MEMORY if out-of-memory or WGET_E_INVALID if the mutex initialization failed.

Allocates and initializes a wget_dns instance.

void wget_dns_free (wget_dns ** dns)


[in/out] dns Pointer to wget_dns instance that will be freed and NULLified.

Free the resources allocated by wget_dns_init().

void wget_dns_set_timeout (wget_dns * dns, int timeout)


dns The wget_dns instance to set the timeout
timeout The timeout value.

Set the timeout (in milliseconds) for the DNS queries.

This is the maximum time to wait until we get a response from the server.

Warning: For standard getaddrinfo() a timeout can't be set in a portable way. So this functions currently is a no-op.

The following two values are special:

  • 0: No timeout, immediate.
  • -1: Infinite timeout. Wait indefinitely.

void wget_dns_set_cache (wget_dns * dns, wget_dns_cache * cache)


dns A wget_dns instance, created by wget_dns_init().
cache A wget_dns_cache instance

Enable or disable DNS caching for the DNS instance provided.

The DNS cache is kept internally in memory, and is used in wget_dns_resolve() to speed up DNS queries.

wget_dns_cache * wget_dns_get_cache (wget_dns * dns)


dns A wget_dns instance, created by wget_dns_init().


1 if DNS caching is enabled, 0 otherwise.

Tells whether DNS caching is enabled or not.

You can enable and disable DNS caching with wget_dns_set_caching().

int wget_dns_cache_ip (wget_dns * dns, const char * ip, const char * name, uint16_t port)


ip IP address of name
name Domain name, part of the cache's lookup key
port Port number, part of the cache's lookup key


0 on success, < 0 on error

Assign an IP address to the name+port key in the DNS cache. The name should be lowercase.

struct addrinfo * wget_dns_resolve (wget_dns * dns, const char * host, uint16_t port, int family, int preferred_family)


dns A wget_dns instance, created by wget_dns_init().
host Hostname
port TCP destination port
family Protocol family AF_INET or AF_INET6
preferred_family Preferred protocol family AF_INET or AF_INET6


A struct addrinfo structure (defined in libc's <netdb.h>). Must be freed by the caller with wget_dns_freeaddrinfo().

Resolve a host name into its IPv4/IPv6 address.

family: Desired address family for the returned addresses. This will typically be AF_INET or AF_INET6, but it can be any of the values defined in <socket.h>. Additionally, AF_UNSPEC means you don't care: it will return any address family that can be used with the specified host and port. If family is different than AF_UNSPEC and the specified family is not found, that's an error condition and thus wget_dns_resolve() will return NULL.

preferred_family: Tries to resolve addresses of this family if possible. This is only honored if family (see point above) is AF_UNSPEC.

The returned addrinfo structure must be freed with wget_dns_freeaddrinfo().

void wget_dns_freeaddrinfo (wget_dns * dns, struct addrinfo ** addrinfo)


dns A wget_dns instance, created by wget_dns_init().
[in/out] addrinfo Value returned by c

Release addrinfo, previously returned by wget_dns_resolve(). If the underlying dns uses caching, just the reference/pointer is set to NULL.

void wget_dns_set_stats_callback (wget_dns * dns, wget_dns_stats_callback * fn, void * ctx)


dns A wget_dns instance, created by wget_dns_init().
fn A wget_dns_stats_callback callback function to receive resolve statistics data
ctx Context data given to fn

Set callback function to be called once DNS statistics for a host are collected


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