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libtraceevent - Man Page

Linux kernel trace event library


#include <event-parse.h>

Management of tep handler data structure and access of its members:
        struct tep_handle *tep_alloc(void);
        void tep_free(struct tep_handle *tep);
        void tep_ref(struct tep_handle *tep);
        void tep_unref(struct tep_handle *tep);
        int tep_get_ref(struct tep_handle *tep);
        void tep_set_flag(struct tep_handle *tep, enum tep_flag flag);
        void tep_clear_flag(struct tep_handle *tep, enum tep_flag flag);
        bool tep_test_flag(struct tep_handle *tep, enum tep_flag flags);
        int tep_get_cpus(struct tep_handle *tep);
        void tep_set_cpus(struct tep_handle *tep, int cpus);
        int tep_get_long_size(strucqt tep_handle *tep);
        void tep_set_long_size(struct tep_handle *tep, int long_size);
        int tep_get_page_size(struct tep_handle *tep);
        void tep_set_page_size(struct tep_handle *tep, int page_size);
        int tep_get_sub_buffer_size(struct tep_handle *tep);
        int tep_get_sub_buffer_data_size(struct tep_handle *tep);
        int tep_get_sub_buffer_commit_offset(struct tep_handle *tep);
        int tep_get_header_page_size(struct tep_handle *tep);
        int tep_get_header_timestamp_size(struct tep_handle *tep);
        bool tep_is_old_format(struct tep_handle *tep);
        int tep_strerror(struct tep_handle *tep, enum tep_errno errnum, char *buf, size_t buflen);
        struct kbuffer *tep_kbuffer(struct tep_handle *tep);

Register / unregister APIs:
        int tep_register_function(struct tep_handle *tep, char *name, unsigned long long addr, char *mod);
        int tep_register_event_handler(struct tep_handle *tep, int id, const char *sys_name, const char *event_name, tep_event_handler_func func, void *context);
        int tep_unregister_event_handler(struct tep_handle *tep, int id, const char *sys_name, const char *event_name, tep_event_handler_func func, void *context);
        int tep_register_print_string(struct tep_handle *tep, const char *fmt, unsigned long long addr);
        int tep_register_print_function(struct tep_handle *tep, tep_func_handler func, enum tep_func_arg_type ret_type, char *name, ...);
        int tep_unregister_print_function(struct tep_handle *tep, tep_func_handler func, char *name);
        int tep_get_function_count(struct tep_handle tep);

Trace printk parsing:
        void *tep_print_printk(struct tep_handle *tep);
        void tep_print_funcs(struct tep_handle *tep);
        void tep_set_test_filters(struct tep_handle *tep, int test_filters);
        void tep_plugin_print_options(struct trace_seq *s);
        int tep_plugin_add_option(const char *name, const char *val);

Meta data parsing:
        int tep_parse_saved_cmdlines(struct tep_handle *tep, const char *buf);
        int tep_parse_printk_formats(struct tep_handle *tep, const char *buf);
        int tep_parse_kallsyms(struct tep_handle *tep, const char *buf);

Plugins management:
        struct tep_plugin_list *tep_load_plugins(struct tep_handle *tep);
        void tep_unload_plugins(struct tep_plugin_list *plugin_list, struct tep_handle *tep);
        char **tep_plugin_list_options(void);
        void tep_plugin_free_options_list(char **list);
        int tep_plugin_add_options(const char *name, struct tep_plugin_option *options);
        void tep_plugin_remove_options(struct tep_plugin_option *options);
        void tep_print_plugins(struct trace_seq *s, const char *prefix, const char *suffix, const struct tep_plugin_list *list);
        void tep_load_plugins_hook(struct tep_handle *tep, const char *suffix,
                           void (*load_plugin)(struct tep_handle *tep,
                                               const char *path,
                                               const char *name,
                                               void *data),
                           void *data);
        int tep_add_plugin_path(struct tep_handle *tep, char *path,
                          enum tep_plugin_load_priority prio);

Event related APIs:
        struct tep_event *tep_get_event(struct tep_handle *tep, int index);
        struct tep_event *tep_get_first_event(struct tep_handle *tep);
        int tep_get_events_count(struct tep_handle *tep);
        struct tep_event **tep_list_events(struct tep_handle *tep, enum tep_event_sort_type sort_type);
        struct tep_event **tep_list_events_copy(struct tep_handle *tep, enum tep_event_sort_type sort_type);
        void tep_print_event(struct tep_handle *tep, struct trace_seq *s, struct tep_record *record, const char *fmt, ...);

Event finding:
        struct tep_event *tep_find_event(struct tep_handle *tep, int id);
        struct tep_event *tep_find_event_by_name(struct tep_handle *tep, const char *sys, const char *name);
        struct tep_event *tep_find_event_by_record(struct tep_handle *tep, struct tep_record *record);
        bool tep_record_is_event(struct tep_record *record, struct tep_event *event);

Parsing of event files:
        int tep_parse_header_page(struct tep_handle *tep, char *buf, unsigned long size, int long_size);
        enum tep_errno tep_parse_event(struct tep_handle *tep, const char *buf, unsigned long size, const char *sys);
        enum tep_errno tep_parse_format(struct tep_handle *tep, struct tep_event **eventp, const char *buf, unsigned long size, const char *sys);

APIs related to fields from event’s format files:
        struct tep_format_field **tep_event_common_fields(struct tep_event *event);
        struct tep_format_field **tep_event_fields(struct tep_event *event);
        void *tep_get_field_raw(struct trace_seq *s, struct tep_event *event, const char *name, struct tep_record *record, int *len, int err);
        int tep_get_field_val(struct trace_seq *s, struct tep_event *event, const char *name, struct tep_record *record, unsigned long long *val, int err);
        int tep_get_common_field_val(struct trace_seq *s, struct tep_event *event, const char *name, struct tep_record *record, unsigned long long *val, int err);
        int tep_get_any_field_val(struct trace_seq *s, struct tep_event *event, const char *name, struct tep_record *record, unsigned long long *val, int err);
        int tep_read_number_field(struct tep_format_field *field, const void *data, unsigned long long *value);

Event fields printing:
        void tep_print_field_content(struct trace_seq *s, void *data, int size, struct tep_format_field *field);
        void tep_print_fields(struct trace_seq *s, void *data, int size, struct tep_event *event);
        int tep_print_num_field(struct trace_seq *s, const char *fmt, struct tep_event *event, const char *name, struct tep_record *record, int err);
        int tep_print_func_field(struct trace_seq *s, const char *fmt, struct tep_event *event, const char *name, struct tep_record *record, int err);
        void tep_record_print_fields(struct trace_seq *s, struct tep_record *record, struct tep_event *event);
        void tep_record_print_selected_fields(struct trace_seq *s, struct tep_record *record, struct tep_event *event, int select_mask);

Event fields finding:
        struct tep_format_field *tep_find_common_field(struct tep_event *event, const char *name);
        struct tep_format_field *tep_find_field(struct tep_event_ormat *event, const char *name);
        struct tep_format_field *tep_find_any_field(struct tep_event *event, const char *name);

Functions resolver:
        int tep_set_function_resolver(struct tep_handle *tep, tep_func_resolver_t *func, void *priv);
        void tep_reset_function_resolver(struct tep_handle *tep);
        const char *tep_find_function(struct tep_handle *tep, unsigned long long addr);
        unsigned long long tep_find_function_address(struct tep_handle *tep, unsigned long long addr);
        int tep_find_function_info(struct tep_handle *tep, unsigned long long addr, const char **name,
                           unsigned long long *start, unsigned long *size);

Filter management:
        struct tep_event_filter *tep_filter_alloc(struct tep_handle *tep);
        enum tep_errno tep_filter_add_filter_str(struct tep_event_filter *filter, const char *filter_str);
        enum tep_errno tep_filter_match(struct tep_event_filter *filter, struct tep_record *record);
        int tep_filter_strerror(struct tep_event_filter *filter, enum tep_errno err, char *buf, size_t buflen);
        int tep_event_filtered(struct tep_event_filter *filter, int event_id);
        void tep_filter_reset(struct tep_event_filter *filter);
        void tep_filter_free(struct tep_event_filter *filter);
        char *tep_filter_make_string(struct tep_event_filter *filter, int event_id);
        int tep_filter_remove_event(struct tep_event_filter *filter, int event_id);
        int tep_filter_copy(struct tep_event_filter *dest, struct tep_event_filter *source);
        int tep_filter_compare(struct tep_event_filter *filter1, struct tep_event_filter *filter2);

Parsing various data from the records:
        int tep_data_type(struct tep_handle *tep, struct tep_record *rec);
        int tep_data_pid(struct tep_handle *tep, struct tep_record *rec);
        int tep_data_preempt_count(struct tep_handle *tep, struct tep_record *rec);
        int tep_data_flags(struct tep_handle *tep, struct tep_record *rec);

Command and task related APIs:
        const char *tep_data_comm_from_pid(struct tep_handle *tep, int pid);
        struct cmdline *tep_data_pid_from_comm(struct tep_handle *tep, const char *comm, struct cmdline *next);
        int tep_register_comm(struct tep_handle *tep, const char *comm, int pid);
        int tep_override_comm(struct tep_handle *tep, const char *comm, int pid);
        bool tep_is_pid_registered(struct tep_handle *tep, int pid);
        int tep_cmdline_pid(struct tep_handle *tep, struct cmdline *cmdline);

Endian related APIs:
        int tep_is_bigendian(void);
        unsigned long long tep_read_number(struct tep_handle *tep, const void *ptr, int size);
        bool tep_is_file_bigendian(struct tep_handle *tep);
        void tep_set_file_bigendian(struct tep_handle *tep, enum tep_endian endian);
        bool tep_is_local_bigendian(struct tep_handle *tep);
        void tep_set_local_bigendian(struct tep_handle *tep, enum tep_endian endian);

Control library logs:
        int tep_set_loglevel(enum tep_loglevel level);

KVM plugin calllbacks: (Defined by the application and complied with -rdynamic)
        const char *tep_plugin_kvm_get_func(struct tep_event *event,
                                    struct tep_record *record,
                                    unsigned long long *paddr);
        void tep_plugin_kvm_put_func(const char *func);

Trace sequences:
#include <trace-seq.h>
        void trace_seq_init(struct trace_seq *s);
        void trace_seq_reset(struct trace_seq *s);
        void trace_seq_destroy(struct trace_seq *s);
        int trace_seq_printf(struct trace_seq *s, const char *fmt, ...);
        int trace_seq_vprintf(struct trace_seq *s, const char *fmt, va_list args);
        int trace_seq_puts(struct trace_seq *s, const char *str);
        int trace_seq_putc(struct trace_seq *s, unsigned char c);
        void trace_seq_terminate(struct trace_seq *s);
        int trace_seq_do_fprintf(struct trace_seq *s, FILE *fp);
        int trace_seq_do_printf(struct trace_seq *s);

kbuffer parsing:
#include <kbuffer.h>
        struct kbuffer *kbuffer_alloc(enum kbuffer_long_size size, enum kbuffer_endian endian);
        struct kbuffer *kbuffer_dup(struct kbuffer *kbuf);
        void kbuffer_free(struct kbuffer *kbuf);
        int kbuffer_load_subbuffer(struct kbuffer *kbuf, void *subbuffer);
        int kbuffer_subbuffer_size(struct kbuffer *kbuf);
        void *kbuffer_subbuffer(struct kbuffer *_kbuf);
        int kbuffer_refresh(struct kbuffer *_kbuf);
        int kbuffer_start_of_data(struct kbuffer *kbuf);
        unsigned long long kbuffer_timestamp(struct kbuffer *kbuf);
        unsigned long long kbuffer_subbuf_timestamp(struct kbuffer *kbuf, void *subbuf);
        void *kbuffer_read_event(struct kbuffer *kbuf, unsigned long long *ts);
        void *kbuffer_next_event(struct kbuffer *kbuf, unsigned long long *ts);
        void *kbuffer_read_at_offset(struct kbuffer *kbuf, int offset, unsigned long long *ts);
        int kbuffer_missed_events(struct kbuffer *kbuf);
        int kbuffer_event_size(struct kbuffer *kbuf);
        int kbuffer_curr_size(struct kbuffer *kbuf);
        int kbuffer_curr_offset(struct kbuffer *kbuf);
        int kbuffer_curr_index(struct kbuffer *kbuf);
        int kbuffer_read_buffer(struct kbuffer *kbuf, void *buffer, int start, int len);


The libtraceevent(3) library provides APIs to access kernel tracepoint events, located in the tracefs file system under the events directory.


        Additional plugin directory. All shared object files, located in this directory will be loaded as traceevent plugins.


        Header file to include in order to have access to the library APIs.
        Header file to include in order to have access to trace sequences related APIs.
        Trace sequences are used to allow a function to call several other functions
        to create a string of data to use.
        Linker switch to add when building a program that uses the library.

See Also



Steven Rostedt <rostedt@goodmis.org[1]>, author of libtraceevent.
Tzvetomir Stoyanov <tz.stoyanov@gmail.com[2]>, author of this man page.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <linux-trace-devel@vger.kernel.org[3]>


libtraceevent is Free Software licensed under the GNU LGPL 2.1




  1. rostedt@goodmis.org
  2. tz.stoyanov@gmail.com
  3. linux-trace-devel@vger.kernel.org

Referenced By

kbuffer_alloc(3), kbuffer_read_event(3), kbuffer_timestamp(3), libtracecmd(3), tep_alloc(3), tep_data_type(3), tep_event_common_fields(3), tep_filter_alloc(3), tep_find_common_field(3), tep_find_event(3), tep_find_function(3), tep_get_any_field_val(3), tep_get_cpus(3), tep_get_event(3), tep_get_header_page_size(3), tep_get_long_size(3), tep_get_page_size(3), tep_is_bigendian(3), tep_is_file_bigendian(3), tep_list_events(3), tep_load_plugins(3), tep_parse_event(3), tep_parse_header_page(3), tep_parse_saved_cmdlines(3), tep_plugin_kvm_get_func(3), tep_print_event(3), tep_print_field_content(3), tep_print_printk(3), tep_read_number(3), tep_read_number_field(3), tep_register_comm(3), tep_register_event_handler(3), tep_register_print_function(3), tep_set_flag(3), tep_set_function_resolver(3), tep_set_loglevel(3), tep_strerror(3), tracecmd_buffer_instances(3), tracecmd_get_first_ts(3), tracecmd_get_traceid(3), tracecmd_iterate_events(3), tracecmd_map_vcpus(3), tracecmd_open(3), tracecmd_read_cpu_first(3), tracecmd_set_loglevel(3), trace_seq_init(3).

01/25/2024 libtraceevent 1.8.2 libtraceevent Manual