libssh2_session_last_errno - Man Page

get the most recent error number


#include <libssh2.h>

int libssh2_session_last_errno(LIBSSH2_SESSION *session);


session - Session instance as returned by libssh2_session_init_ex(3)

Determine the most recent error condition.

Return Value

Numeric error code corresponding to the the Error Code constants.

See Also

libssh2_session_last_error(3) libssh2_session_set_last_error(3)

Referenced By

libssh2_channel_forward_accept(3), libssh2_session_last_error(3), libssh2_session_set_last_error(3).

1 Jun 2007 libssh2 0.15 libssh2 manual