libssh2_base64_decode - Man Page

decode a base64 encoded string


#include <libssh2.h>

int libssh2_base64_decode(LIBSSH2_SESSION *session, char **dest,
                         unsigned int *dest_len, const char *src,
                         unsigned int src_len);


This function is deemed DEPRECATED and will be removed from libssh2 in a future version. Don't use it!

Decode a base64 chunk and store it into a newly allocated buffer. 'dest_len' will be set to hold the length of the returned buffer that '*dest' will point to.

The returned buffer is allocated by this function, but it is not clear how to free that memory!


The memory that *dest points to is allocated by the malloc function libssh2 uses, but there's no way for an application to free this data in a safe and reliable way!

Return Value

0 if successful, -1 if any error occurred.


23 Dec 2008 libssh2 1.0 libssh2 manual