libssh2_agent_init - Man Page

init an ssh-agent handle


#include <libssh2.h>

libssh2_agent_init(LIBSSH2_SESSION *session);


Init an ssh-agent handle. Returns the handle to an internal representation of an ssh-agent connection.  After the successful initialization, an application can call libssh2_agent_connect(3) to connect to a running ssh-agent.

Call libssh2_agent_free(3) to free the handle again after you are doing using it.

Return Value

Returns a handle pointer or NULL if something went wrong. The returned handle is used as input to all other ssh-agent related functions libssh2 provides.


Added in libssh2 1.2

See Also

libssh2_agent_connect(3) libssh2_agent_free(3)

Referenced By

libssh2_agent_connect(3), libssh2_agent_free(3), libssh2_agent_get_identity_path(3), libssh2_agent_set_identity_path(3), libssh2_agent_sign(3), libssh2_agent_userauth(3).

23 Dec 2009 libssh2