libspiro - Man Page

A clothoid to bezier spline converter


#include <spiroentrypoints.h> and then compile and link with -lspiro


Spiro library for curve design which simplifies drawing of beautiful curves.

libspiro takes an array of spiro control points which can be easier for an artist to create and modify, and then converts these into a series of bezier splines which can then be used in the myriad of ways the world has come to use beziers.

spiroentrypoints.h has technical information on how to connect with libspiro and further information can be found at

Reporting Problems

Before reporting a problem, please check the libspiro web site to verify that you have the latest version of libspiro

Great care has been taken to maintain backwards compatibility so it is recommended to upgrade if you experience problems with earlier libspiro versions.

Authors and License

libspiro originated from ppedit which was a pattern plate editor for Spiro splines. Copyright (C) 2007 Raph Levien. GNU GPL version 2 or higher.

This version of libspiro Copyright (C) 2007-2020 is GNU GPL version 3 or higher and contains a number of significant improvements and fixes.

Please see AUTHORS file for everyone involved in making and improving libspiro

Further details (on why and what) can also be seen in git history.