libpmemkv_json_config - Man Page

helper configuration API for libpmemkv


#include <libpmemkv_json_config.h>

int pmemkv_config_from_json(pmemkv_config *config, const char *jsonconfig);
const char *pmemkv_config_from_json_errormsg(void);

For general description of pmemkv and available engines see libpmemkv(7). For description of pmemkv core API see libpmemkv(3). For description of configuration API for libpmemkv see libpmemkv_config(3).


pmemkv_json_config is a helper library that provides two functions:

int pmemkv_config_from_json(pmemkv_config *config, const char *jsonconfig);

Parses JSON string and puts all items found in JSON into config. Allowed types in JSON strings and their corresponding types in pmemkv_config are: + number – int64 or uint64 + string – const char * + object – (another JSON string) -> pointer to pmemkv_config (can be obtained using pmemkv_config_get_object) + True, False – int64

const char *pmemkv_config_from_json_errormsg(void);

Returns a human readable string describing the last error.

The pmemkv_config_from_json function depends on RapidJSON library what is the direct cause of the creation of this small library.

The building of this library is enabled by default. It can be disabled by setting the BUILD_JSON_CONFIG CMake variable to OFF:



The pmemkv_config_from_json() function returns status. Possible return values are:

  • PMEMKV_STATUS_OK – no error
  • PMEMKV_STATUS_CONFIG_PARSING_ERROR – parsing config data failed


An example using this API can be found in libpmemkv_config(3).

See Also

libpmemkv(7), libpmemkv(3), libpmemkv_config(3) and <>

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The man pages pmemkv_config_from_json(3) and pmemkv_config_from_json_errormsg(3) are aliases of libpmemkv_json_config(3).

2022-07-22 PMEMKV - pmemkv_json_config version 1.5.0 PMEMKV Programmer's Manual