libnutclient_misc - Man Page

Miscelaneous functions in Network UPS Tools high-level client access library


#include <nutclient.h>
typedef void* NUTCLIENT_t;
void nutclient_authenticate(NUTCLIENT_t client, const char* login, const char* passwd);
void nutclient_logout(NUTCLIENT_t client);
void nutclient_device_login(NUTCLIENT_t client, const char* dev);
int nutclient_get_device_num_logins(NUTCLIENT_t client, const char* dev);
void nutclient_device_master(NUTCLIENT_t client, const char* dev);
void nutclient_device_forced_shutdown(NUTCLIENT_t client, const char* dev);


The nutclient_authenticate() function authenticate the user.

login is the user name.

passwd is the user password.

The nutclient_logout() function disconnect gracefully from the server.

The nutclient_device_login() function log the fact that a system is drawing power from this UPS.

The nutclient_get_device_num_logins() function retrieve the number of clients which have been logged for this device.

The nutclient_device_master() function make sure that master-level functions like FSD are available if necessary.

The nutclient_device_forced_shutdown() function sets the "forced shutdown" flag on the device.

dev is the device name.

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The man pages nutclient_authenticate(3), nutclient_device_forced_shutdown(3), nutclient_device_login(3), nutclient_device_master(3), nutclient_get_device_num_logins(3) and nutclient_logout(3) are aliases of libnutclient_misc(3).

03/02/2016 Network UPS Tools 2.7.3. NUT Manual