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libmawk_set_cell.3libmawk - Man Page

set the value of a mawk cell.


#include <libmawk.h>

CELL *libmawk_set_cell(mawk_state_t *m, CELL *cell, const charargtype,...);

CELL *libmawk_set_cellp(mawk_state_t *m, CELL *cell, const charargtype, void *argp);


The libmawk_set_cell() function modifies the value of a mawk cell (variable). Argumetn argtype is a format character that describes the type of the payload (accessed trough vararg).

The libmawk_set_cellp() function performs the same action but accepts a generic pointer to the payload.

Format character is one of the followings:

'd' for int payload
'f' for double payload
's' for (zero terminated) char * payload.

Argument m is a libmawk context previously returned by libmawk_initialize() or libmawk_initialize_stage3().

Return Value

A pointer to the cell modified.

See Also

libmawk_initialize_stage(3libmawk), libmawk_initialize(3libmawk), libmawk_get_var(3libmawk).


2009-08-10 libmawk manual