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libipmidetect - Man Page

a library of functions to determine if a node is detected or undetected


#include <ipmidetect.h>

ipmidetect_t ipmidetect_handle_create(void);

int ipmidetect_handle_destroy(ipmidetect_t handle);

int ipmidetect_load_data(ipmidetect_t handle, const char *hostname, int port, int timeout_len);

int ipmidetect_errnum(ipmidetect_t handle);

char *ipmidetect_strerror(int errnum);

char *ipmidetect_errormsg(int errnum);

void ipmidetect_perror(ipmidetect_t handle, const char *msg);

int ipmidetect_get_detected_nodes_string(ipmidetect_t handle, char *buf, int buflen);

int ipmidetect_get_undetected_nodes_string(ipmidetect_t handle, char *buf, int buflen);

int ipmidetect_is_node_detected(ipmidetect_t handle, const char *node);

int ipmidetect_is_node_undetected(ipmidetect_t handle, const char *node);


Libipmidetect implements a high level API for determining which nodes in a cluster do or do-not support IPMI. This library is primarily useful for detecting when nodes are removed from a cluster for servicing, so that IPMI applications can avoid unnecessary timeouts. The library interacts with the ipmidetectd(8) daemon.



Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <freeipmi-users@gnu.org> or <freeipmi-devel@gnu.org>.

See Also

ipmidetect(8), ipmidetectd(8)


Referenced By

freeipmi(7), ipmidetect(8), ipmidetect.conf(5), libfreeipmi(3).

2024-05-06 LIBIPMIDETECT 1.6.14