libXcm man page

Xcm — X11 Colour Management functions


#include <X11/Xcm/Xcm.h> /* colour region handling */

#include <X11/Xcm/XcmDDC.h> /* CM EDID over i2c fetching */

#include <X11/Xcm/XcmEvents.h> /* CM event observation */

#include <X11/Xcm/XcmEdidParse.h.h> /* EDID parsing */


Xcm is a simple library designed to support window color region handling, ICC  profile handling, EDID parsing and colour management event observation.  The detailed description for region handling is covered in the  X_Color_Management.txt.


Xcm will remain upward compatible after a 1.0 release.


Tomas Carnecky for the X Color Management part, at time member of the  OpenICC Project, Kai-Uwe Behrmann, member of the OpenICC and Oyranos Projects.

See Also

Xcm(3) XcolorProfile(3) XcolorRegion(3) XcmDDC(3) XcmEdidParse(3) XcmEvents(3)

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Version 0.5 XFree86