lfc_getreplicas man page

LFC_GETREPLICAS(3)           LFC Library Functions          LFC_GETREPLICAS(3)

      lfc_getreplicas  -  get  the  replica entries associated with a list of

      [1m#include <sys/types.h>[0m
      [1m#include "lfc_api.h"[0m

      [1mint lfc_getreplicas (int [4m[22mnbguids[24m[1m, const char **[4m[22mguids[24m[1m, const  char  *[4m[22mse[24m[1m,[0m
      [1mint *[4m[22mnbentries[24m[1m, struct lfc_filereplicas **[4m[22mrep_entries[24m[1m)[0m

      [1mlfc_getreplicas  [22mgets  the  replica  entries  associated with a list of

             specifies the number of guids in the array [4mguids[24m.

      [4mguids[24m  specifies the list of Grid Unique IDentifiers.

      [4mse[24m     allows to restrict the replica entries to a given SE.

             will be set to the number of entries in the array of replicas.

             will be set to the  address  of  an  array  of  lfc_filereplicas
             structures  allocated  by  the  API.  The  client application is
             responsible for freeing the array when not needed anymore.

      struct lfc_filereplicas {
           char      guid[CA_MAXGUIDLEN+1];
           int       errcode;
           u_signed64     filesize;
           time_t         ctime;         /* GUID creation time */
           char      csumtype[3];
           char      csumvalue[33];
           time_t         r_ctime;  /* replica creation time */
           time_t         r_atime;  /* last access to replica */
           char      status;
           char      host[CA_MAXHOSTNAMELEN+1];
           char      sfn[CA_MAXSFNLEN+1];

      This routine returns 0 if the operation was successful  or  -1  if  the
      operation failed. In the latter case, [1mserrno [22mis set appropriately.

      [1mENOENT       [22mThe named guid does not exist.

      [1mENOMEM       [22mMemory  could not be allocated for marshalling the request
                   or unmarshalling the reply.

      [1mEFAULT       [4m[22mguids[24m, [4mnbentries[24m or [4mrep_entries[24m is a NULL pointer.

      [1mEINVAL       [4m[22mnbguids[24m is not strictly positive, the length of one of the
                   [4mguids[24m  exceeds  [1mCA_MAXGUIDLEN  [22mor the length of [4mse[24m exceeds

      [1mSENOSHOST    [22mHost unknown.

      [1mSENOSSERV    [22mService unknown.

      [1mSEINTERNAL   [22mDatabase error.

      [1mSECOMERR     [22mCommunication error.

      [1mENSNACT      [22mName server is not running or is being shutdown.

[1mSEE ALSO[0m
      [1mCastor_limits(4)[22m, [1mlfc_chdir(3)[0m

      [1mLCG Grid Deployment [22mTeam

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