lfc_getgrpmap man page

LFC_GETGRPMAP(3)             LFC Library Functions            LFC_GETGRPMAP(3)

      lfc_getgrpmap - get all existing groups from virtual gid table

      [1m#include <sys/types.h>[0m
      [1m#include "lfc_api.h"[0m

      [1mint lfc_getgrpmap (int *[4m[22mnbentries[24m[1m, struct lfc_groupinfo **[4m[22mgrp_entries[24m[1m)[0m

      [1mlfc_getgrpmap [22mgets all the existing groups from the virtual gid table.

             will  be  set  to  the  number  of entries in the array of group

             will be set to the address of an array of  lfc_groupinfo  struc-
             tures  allocated by the API. The client application is responsi-
             ble for freeing the array when not needed anymore.

      This function requires ADMIN privilege.

      This routine returns 0 if the operation was successful  or  -1  if  the
      operation failed. In the latter case, [1mserrno [22mis set appropriately.

      [1mEACCES       [22mThe caller does not have ADMIN privilege.

      [1mENOMEM       [22mMemory could not be allocated for unmarshalling the reply.

      [1mEFAULT       [4m[22mnbentries[24m or [4mgrp_entries[24m is a NULL pointer.

      [1mSENOSHOST    [22mHost unknown.

      [1mSENOSSERV    [22mService unknown.

      [1mSECOMERR     [22mCommunication error.

      [1mENSNACT      [22mName server is not running or is being shutdown.

LFC                      $Date: 2007/12/13 06:15:14 $         LFC_GETGRPMAP(3)