ldns_getaddrinfo man page

ldns_getaddrinfo — mimic libc getaddrinfo


#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

#include <ldns/ldns.h>

uint16_t ldns_getaddrinfo(ldns_resolver *res, const ldns_rdf *node, ldns_rr_class c, ldns_rr_list **list);


ldns_getaddrinfo() This function is a wrapper function for ldns_get_rr_list_name_by_addr and ldns_get_rr_list_addr_by_name. It's name is from the getaddrinfo()  library call. It tries to mimic that call, but without the lowlevel stuff.
res: The resolver. If this value is NULL then a resolver will be created by ldns_getaddrinfo.
node: the name or ip address to look up
c: the class to look in
list: put the found RR's in this list
Returns the number of RR found.


The ldns team at NLnet Labs. Which consists out of Jelte Jansen and Miek Gieben.

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs to ldns-team@nlnetlabs.nl or in  our bugzilla at http://www.nlnetlabs.nl/bugs/index.html

See Also

perldoc Net::DNS, RFC1034, RFC1035, RFC4033, RFC4034 and RFC4035.


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30 May 2006