joystick_update - Man Page

query joysticks for status changes


#include <vgajoystick.h>

int joystick_update(void);


queries all currently opened joysticks for position changes and calls the appropriate event handlers.

A non-zero value is returned if and only if any joystick reported a position change. In more detail the logical and of the return value and (1 << joydev) is non-zero if this joystick status changed.


This function is only available in ELF versions of svgalib. Due to backwards compatibility issues it cannot be used with shared a.out libs.

See Also

svgalib(7), vgagl(7), libvga.config(5), joytest(6), mjoytest(6), joystick_init(3), joystick_close(3), joystick_sethandler(3), joystick_setdefaulthandler(3), joystick_getnumaxes(3), joystick_getnumbuttons(3), joystick_getaxis(3), joystick_getbutton(3), joystick_button1(3), joystick_getb1(3), joystick_x(3), joystick_getx(3).


The svgalib joystick handler was mostly done by Daniel Engstr\"om <>. Multiple joystick, VC switching support and code to glue it into svgalib by Michael Weller <>. Part of the code is based on code from C. Smith and Vojtech Pavlik.

Referenced By

joystick_close(3), joystick_getaxis(3), joystick_getnumaxes(3), joystick_init(3), joystick_sethandler(3), joytest(6), mjoytest(6), svgalib(7).

14 April 1998 Svgalib 1.3.0 Svgalib User Manual