isdbt_desc_terrestrial_delivery_system - Man Page

Struct containing the ISDB-T terrestrial delivery system.


#include <desc_isdbt_delivery.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t type
uint8_t length
struct dvb_desc * next
uint32_t * frequency
unsigned num_freqs
union {
  uint16_t bitfield
  struct {
     uint16_t transmission_mode:2
     uint16_t guard_interval:2
     uint16_t area_code:12

Detailed Description

Struct containing the ISDB-T terrestrial delivery system.


type descriptor tag
length descriptor length
next pointer to struct dvb_desc
area_code area code. The area code definition varies from Country to Country.
guard_interval guard interval
transmission_mode transmission mode
frequency vector with center frequencies
num_freqs number of frequencies at the isdbt_desc_terrestrial_delivery_system::frequency vector

Definition at line 57 of file desc_isdbt_delivery.h.

Field Documentation

union  { ... }  isdbt_desc_terrestrial_delivery_system

uint16_t isdbt_desc_terrestrial_delivery_system::area_code

Definition at line 70 of file desc_isdbt_delivery.h.

uint16_t isdbt_desc_terrestrial_delivery_system::bitfield

Definition at line 66 of file desc_isdbt_delivery.h.

uint32_t* isdbt_desc_terrestrial_delivery_system::frequency

Definition at line 62 of file desc_isdbt_delivery.h.

uint16_t isdbt_desc_terrestrial_delivery_system::guard_interval

Definition at line 69 of file desc_isdbt_delivery.h.

uint8_t isdbt_desc_terrestrial_delivery_system::length

Definition at line 59 of file desc_isdbt_delivery.h.

struct dvb_desc* isdbt_desc_terrestrial_delivery_system::next

Definition at line 60 of file desc_isdbt_delivery.h.

unsigned isdbt_desc_terrestrial_delivery_system::num_freqs

Definition at line 63 of file desc_isdbt_delivery.h.

uint16_t isdbt_desc_terrestrial_delivery_system::transmission_mode

Definition at line 68 of file desc_isdbt_delivery.h.

uint8_t isdbt_desc_terrestrial_delivery_system::type

Definition at line 58 of file desc_isdbt_delivery.h.


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