io_setcookie - Man Page

associate cookie with descriptor


#include <io.h>

void io_setcookie(int64 fd,void* cookie);


io_setcookie associates a cookie (pointer to some anonymous data structure) with this descriptor.  Only one cookie can be associated with a descriptor.

Use io_getcookie(3) to retrieve the cookie for a descriptor (usually after io_canread or io_canwrite brought it to your attention).

Please note that io_close does not deallocate your cookie.  You need to do that yourself.

The idea is that you put the state associated with a TCP connection you serve in a common struct.  Then you do not need to have your own data structure to retrieve the state for a connection, you can just use the data structure io_wait already maintains.  The lookup works in constant time and should not cause any cache misses.

See Also

io_wait(3), io_getcookie(3)

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