ibv_import_dm - Man Page


ibv_import_dm — import an DM from a given ibv_context

ibv_unimport_dm — unimport an DM


#include <infiniband/verbs.h>

struct ibv_dm *ibv_import_dm(struct ibv_context *context, uint32_t dm_handle);
void ibv_unimport_dm(struct ibv_dm *dm)


ibv_import_dm() returns a Device memory (DM) that is associated with the given dm_handle in the RDMA context.

The input dm_handle value must be a valid kernel handle for an DM object in the assosicated RDMA context. It can be achieved from the original DM by getting its ibv_dm->handle member value.

ibv_unimport_dm() un import the DM. Once the DM usage has been ended ibv_free_dm() or ibv_unimport_dm() should be called. The first one will go to the kernel to destroy the object once the second one way cleanup what ever is needed/opposite of the import without calling the kernel.

This is the responsibility of the application to coordinate between all ibv_context(s) that use this DM. Once destroy is done no other process can touch the object except for unimport. All users of the context must collaborate to ensure this.

Return Value

ibv_import_dm() returns a pointer to the allocated DM, or NULL if the request fails and errno is set.


See Also

ibv_alloc_dm(3), ibv_free_dm(3),


Maor Gottlieb <maorg@nvidia.com>

Referenced By

The man page ibv_unimport_dm(3) is an alias of ibv_import_dm(3).

2021-1-17 Libibverbs Programmer’s Manual