hx509 man page

hx509 — hx509 library


int hx509_context_init (hx509_context *context)

void hx509_context_free (hx509_context *context)

Function Documentation

void hx509_context_free (hx509_context * context)

Free the context allocated by hx509_context_init().


context context to be freed.

int hx509_context_init (hx509_context * context)

Creates a hx509 context that most functions in the library uses. The context is only allowed to be used by one thread at each moment. Free the context with hx509_context_free().


context Returns a pointer to new hx509 context.


Returns an hx509 error code.


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hx509_context_free(3) and hx509_context_init(3) are aliases of hx509(3).

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