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Distributing items over a topology



enum hwloc_distrib_flags_e { HWLOC_DISTRIB_FLAG_REVERSE }


static int hwloc_distrib (hwloc_topology_t topology, hwloc_obj_t *roots, unsigned n_roots, hwloc_cpuset_t *set, unsigned n, int until, unsigned long flags)

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enum hwloc_distrib_flags_e

Flags to be given to hwloc_distrib().



Distrib in reverse order, starting from the last objects.

Function Documentation

static int hwloc_distrib (hwloc_topology_t topology, hwloc_obj_t * roots, unsigned n_roots, hwloc_cpuset_t * set, unsigned n, int until, unsigned long flags) [inline], [static]

Distribute n items over the topology under roots. Array set will be filled with n cpusets recursively distributed linearly over the topology under objects roots, down to depth until (which can be INT_MAX to distribute down to the finest level).

n_roots is usually 1 and roots only contains the topology root object so as to distribute over the entire topology.

This is typically useful when an application wants to distribute n threads over a machine, giving each of them as much private cache as possible and keeping them locally in number order.

The caller may typically want to also call hwloc_bitmap_singlify() before binding a thread so that it does not move at all.

flags should be 0 or a OR'ed set of hwloc_distrib_flags_e.


This function requires the roots objects to have a CPU set.

This function replaces the now deprecated hwloc_distribute() and hwloc_distributev() functions.


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The man pages hwloc_distrib(3), HWLOC_DISTRIB_FLAG_REVERSE(3) and hwloc_distrib_flags_e(3) are aliases of hwlocality_helper_distribute(3).

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