hwloc_topology_support - Man Page


#include <hwloc.h>

Data Fields

struct hwloc_topology_discovery_support * discovery
struct hwloc_topology_cpubind_support * cpubind
struct hwloc_topology_membind_support * membind
struct hwloc_topology_misc_support * misc

Detailed Description

Set of flags describing actual support for this topology.

This is retrieved with hwloc_topology_get_support() and will be valid until the topology object is destroyed. Note: the values are correct only after discovery.

Field Documentation

struct hwloc_topology_cpubind_support* hwloc_topology_support::cpubind

struct hwloc_topology_discovery_support* hwloc_topology_support::discovery

struct hwloc_topology_membind_support* hwloc_topology_support::membind

struct hwloc_topology_misc_support* hwloc_topology_support::misc


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