hwloc_obj_memory_s man page

hwloc_obj_memory_s —


#include <hwloc.h>

Data Structures

struct hwloc_obj_memory_page_type_s

Data Fields

hwloc_uint64_t total_memory
hwloc_uint64_t local_memory
unsigned page_types_len
struct hwloc_obj_memory_s::hwloc_obj_memory_page_type_s * page_types

Detailed Description

Object memory.

Field Documentation

hwloc_uint64_t hwloc_obj_memory_s::local_memory

Local memory (in bytes)

struct hwloc_obj_memory_s::hwloc_obj_memory_page_type_s *  hwloc_obj_memory_s::page_types

unsigned hwloc_obj_memory_s::page_types_len

Size of array page_types.

hwloc_uint64_t hwloc_obj_memory_s::total_memory

Total memory (in bytes) in this object and its children.


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