hugetlbfs_unlinked_fd man page

hugetlbfs_unlinked_fd, hugetlbfs_unlinked_fd_for_size — Obtain a file descriptor for a new unlinked file in hugetlbfs


#include <hugetlbfs.h>

int hugetlbfs_unlinked_fd(void);
int hugetlbfs_unlinked_fd_for_size(long page_size);


These functions return an open file descriptor for a unique, newly-created file in a hugetlbfs filesystem.  To avoid leaking hugepages, the file is unlinked automatically before the function returns.

For hugetlbfs_unlinked_fd, the default huge page size is used (see gethugepagesize(3)).  For hugetlbfs_unlinked_fd_for_size, a valid huge page size must be specified (see gethugepagesizes(3)).

Return Value

On success, a valid open file descriptor is returned.  On failure, -1 is returned and errno may be set appropriately.

See Also

gethugepagesize(3), gethugepagesizes(3), mkstemp(3), libhugetlbfs(7)


libhugetlbfs was written by various people on the libhugetlbfs-devel mailing list.

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March 7, 2012