hugetlbfs_find_path man page

hugetlbfs_find_path, hugetlbfs_find_path_for_size — Locate an appropriate hugetlbfs mount point


#include <hugetlbfs.h>

const char *hugetlbfs_find_path(void);
const char *hugetlbfs_find_path_for_size(long page_size);


These functions return a pathname for a mounted hugetlbfs filesystem for the appropriate huge page size.  For hugetlbfs_find_path, the default huge page size is used (see gethugepagesize(3)).  For hugetlbfs_find_path_for_size, a valid huge page size must be specified (see gethugepagesizes(3)).

Return Value

On success, a non-NULL value is returned. On failure, NULL is returned.

See Also

libhugetlbfs(7), gethugepagesize(3), gethugepagesizes(3)


libhugetlbfs was written by various people on the libhugetlbfs-devel mailing list.

Referenced By

gethugepagesizes(3), libhugetlbfs(7).

March 7, 2012