http_uri.3erl - Man Page

Old URI utility module, use uri_string instead


This module is deprecated since OTP 23. Use the module uri_string to properly handle URIs, this is the recommended module since OTP 21.

Data Types

Type definitions that are used more than once in this module:

boolean() = true | false

string() = list of ASCII characters

URI Data Types

Type definitions that are related to URI:

uri() = string() | binary():

Syntax according to the URI definition in RFC 3986, for example, ""

For more information about URI, see RFC 3986.


decode(HexEncodedURI) -> URI


HexEncodedURI = string() | binary() - A possibly hexadecimal encoded URI
URI = uri()

Decodes a possibly hexadecimal encoded URI.

encode(URI) -> HexEncodedURI


URI = uri()
HexEncodedURI = string() | binary() - Hexadecimal encoded URI

Encodes a hexadecimal encoded URI.


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