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#include <Inventor/C/basic.h>


typedef int cc_heap_compare_cb(void *o1, void *o2)
typedef struct cc_heap cc_heap


cc_heap * cc_heap_construct (unsigned int size, cc_heap_compare_cb *comparecb, SbBool support_remove)
void cc_heap_destruct (cc_heap *h)
void cc_heap_clear (cc_heap *h)
void cc_heap_add (cc_heap *h, void *o)
void * cc_heap_get_top (cc_heap *h)
void * cc_heap_extract_top (cc_heap *h)
int cc_heap_remove (cc_heap *h, void *o)
unsigned int cc_heap_elements (cc_heap *h)
SbBool cc_heap_empty (cc_heap *h)

Typedef Documentation

int cc_heap_compare_cb

A type definition for heap compare callback function.

struct cc_heap cc_heap

A type definition for the cc_heap structure

Function Documentation

cc_heap* cc_heap_construct (unsigned int size, cc_heap_compare_cb * comparecb, SbBool support_remove)

Construct a heap. size is the initial array size.

comparecb should return a negative value if the first element is less than the second, zero if they are equal and a positive value if the first element is greater than the second.

support_remove specifies if the heap should support removal of elements (other than the top element) after they are added; this requires use of a hash table to be efficent, but as a slight runtime overhead will be incurred for the add and extract_top functions the support can be disabled if you don't need it.

void cc_heap_destruct (cc_heap * h)

Destruct the heap h.

void cc_heap_clear (cc_heap * h)

Clear/remove all elements in the heap h.

void cc_heap_add (cc_heap * h, void * o)

Add the element o to the heap h.

void* cc_heap_get_top (cc_heap * h)

Returns the top element from the heap h. If the heap is empty, NULL is returned.

void* cc_heap_extract_top (cc_heap * h)

Returns and removes the top element from the heap h. If the heap is empty, NULL is returned.

int cc_heap_remove (cc_heap * h, void * o)

Remove o from the heap h; if present TRUE is returned, otherwise FALSE. Please note that the heap must have been created with support_remove.

unsigned int cc_heap_elements (cc_heap * h)

Returns the number of elements in the heap h.

SbBool cc_heap_empty (cc_heap * h)

Returns TRUE of the heap h is empty; otherwise FALSE.


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