gstream-set_tab - Man Page



#include <gstream.h>

void set_tab(int x, int color, FONT fnt);


This is the basic function - it creates a tab stop at the specified x-coordinate with the specified colour and the specified font. But the function is overloaded so it is possible only to set a tab stop without changing the font or the font colour, or just changing the colour or just changing the font: set_tab(int x), set_tab(int x, int color) and set_tab(int x, FONT fnt) respectively.

A few examples are granted:

   // set a tab stop at the x-position 130, don't change colour or font
   // set a tab stop at 400, don't change colour or font
   set_tab(80, 24);
   // set a stop at 80 and let it change the colour to 24, no font change
   set_tab(190, 57, my_arial_font);
   // set tab stop at 190, change colour to 57 and font to 'my_arial_font'
   set_tab(250, courier);
   // set tab stop at 250, don't change colour, but change font to 'courier'

The first version of gstream didn't have these overloaded functions, but used a more clumsy syntax (involving a constant) which is now deprecated.

See Also

gstream-remove_tab(3), gstream-remove_all_tabs(3), gstream-restore(3)

Referenced By

gstream-remove_all_tabs(3), gstream-remove_tab(3), gstream-restore(3).

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