gnutls_x509_aki_set_cert_issuer man page

gnutls_x509_aki_set_cert_issuer — API function


#include <gnutls/x509-ext.h>

int gnutls_x509_aki_set_cert_issuer(gnutls_x509_aki_t aki, unsigned int san_type, const gnutls_datum_t * san, const char * othername_oid, const gnutls_datum_t * serial);


gnutls_x509_aki_t aki
The authority key ID
unsigned int san_type
the type of the name (of gnutls_subject_alt_names_t), may be null
const gnutls_datum_t * san
The alternative name data
const char * othername_oid
The object identifier if san_type is GNUTLS_SAN_OTHERNAME
const gnutls_datum_t * serial
The authorityCertSerialNumber number (may be null)


This function will set the authorityCertIssuer name and the authorityCertSerialNumber to be stored in the aki type. When storing multiple names, the serial should be set on the first call, and subsequent calls should use a NULL serial.

Since version 3.5.7 the GNUTLS_SAN_RFC822NAME, GNUTLS_SAN_DNSNAME, and GNUTLS_SAN_OTHERNAME_XMPP are converted to ACE format when necessary.


On success, GNUTLS_E_SUCCESS (0) is returned, otherwise a negative error value.



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