gnutls_session_get_data2 man page

gnutls_session_get_data2 — API function


#include <gnutls/gnutls.h>

int gnutls_session_get_data2(gnutls_session_t session, gnutls_datum_t * data);


gnutls_session_t session

is a gnutls_session_t type.

gnutls_datum_t * data

is a pointer to a datum that will hold the session.


Returns all session parameters needed to be stored to support resumption. The client should call this, and store the returned session data. A session may be resumed later by calling gnutls_session_set_data().  

The returned  data are allocated and must be released using gnutls_free().

This function will fail if called prior to handshake completion. In case of false start TLS, the handshake completes only after data have been successfully received from the peer.


On success, GNUTLS_E_SUCCESS (0) is returned, otherwise an error code is returned.

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