gnutls_openpgp_privkey_export man page

gnutls_openpgp_privkey_export — API function


#include <gnutls/openpgp.h>

int gnutls_openpgp_privkey_export(gnutls_openpgp_privkey_t key, gnutls_openpgp_crt_fmt_t format, const char * password, unsigned int flags, void * output_data, size_t * output_data_size);


gnutls_openpgp_privkey_t key
Holds the key.
gnutls_openpgp_crt_fmt_t format
One of gnutls_openpgp_crt_fmt_t elements.
const char * password
the password that will be used to encrypt the key. (unused for now)
unsigned int flags
(0) for future compatibility
void * output_data
will contain the key base64 encoded or raw
size_t * output_data_size
holds the size of output_data (and will be replaced by the actual size of parameters)


This function will convert the given key to RAW or Base64 format. If the buffer provided is not long enough to hold the output, then GNUTLS_E_SHORT_MEMORY_BUFFER will be returned.


GNUTLS_E_SUCCESS on success, or an error code.



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