gnutls_crypto_register_cipher - Man Page

API function


#include <gnutls/crypto.h>

int gnutls_crypto_register_cipher(gnutls_cipher_algorithm_t algorithm, int priority, gnutls_cipher_init_func init, gnutls_cipher_setkey_func setkey, gnutls_cipher_setiv_func setiv, gnutls_cipher_encrypt_func encrypt, gnutls_cipher_decrypt_func decrypt, gnutls_cipher_deinit_func deinit);


gnutls_cipher_algorithm_t algorithm

is the gnutls algorithm identifier

int priority

is the priority of the algorithm

gnutls_cipher_init_func init

A function which initializes the cipher

gnutls_cipher_setkey_func setkey

A function which sets the key of the cipher

gnutls_cipher_setiv_func setiv

A function which sets the nonce/IV of the cipher (non-AEAD)

gnutls_cipher_encrypt_func encrypt

A function which performs encryption (non-AEAD)

gnutls_cipher_decrypt_func decrypt

A function which performs decryption (non-AEAD)

gnutls_cipher_deinit_func deinit

A function which deinitializes the cipher


This function will register a cipher algorithm to be used by gnutls.  Any algorithm registered will override the included algorithms and by convention kernel implemented algorithms have priority of 90 and CPU-assisted of 80.  The algorithm with the lowest priority will be used by gnutls.

In the case the registered init or setkey functions return GNUTLS_E_NEED_FALLBACK, GnuTLS will attempt to use the next in priority registered cipher.

The functions which are marked as non-AEAD they are not required when registering a cipher to be used with the new AEAD API introduced in GnuTLS 3.4.0. Internally GnuTLS uses the new AEAD API.


since 3.7.0 it is no longer possible to override cipher implementation


GNUTLS_E_SUCCESS on success, otherwise a negative error code.



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