glutPopWindow - Man Page

Request to raise the current window to the top


OpenGLUT - window


#include <openglut.h>



Request that the

current window

be brought to the top.

A window can be in front of or behind other windows, as determined by the z-order from front to back. Top-level OpenGLUT windows can be placed at the front or back of the z-order by means of the glutPopWindow() and glutPushWindow() API functions.

A z-order also applies to the subwindows of a top-level window. While the z-order of top-level windows can usually be adjusted by the user, subwindow z-order is controlled entirely by the application.

If this has any effect on your window's visibility, you should receive a glutWindowStatusFunc() callback and a glutDisplayFunc() callback.


The z-order of top-level windows is ultimately managed by the windowing system. Therefore, a push or pop request by an OpenGLUT application may not necessarily succeed or take immediate effect.

Not applicable to offscreen windows.

See Also

glutCreateWindow(3) glutDisplayFunc(3) glutPushWindow(3) glutWindowStatusFunc(3)

Referenced By

glutPushWindow(3), glutShowWindow(3).