gluNewNurbsRenderer.3G - Man Page

create a NURBS object

C Specification

GLUnurbs* gluNewNurbsRenderer( void )


gluNewNurbsRenderer creates and returns a pointer to a new NURBS object. This object must be referred to when calling NURBS rendering and control functions. A return value of 0 means that there is not enough memory to allocate the object.

See Also

gluBeginCurve(3G), gluBeginSurface(3G), gluBeginTrim(3G), gluDeleteNurbsRenderer(3G), gluNurbsCallback(3G), gluNurbsProperty(3G)

Referenced By

gluBeginCurve.3G(3), gluBeginSurface.3G(3), gluBeginTrim.3G(3), gluDeleteNurbsRenderer.3G(3), gluGetNurbsProperty.3G(3), gluLoadSamplingMatrices.3G(3), gluNurbsCallback.3G(3), gluNurbsCallbackData.3G(3), gluNurbsCurve.3G(3), gluNurbsProperty.3G(3), gluNurbsSurface.3G(3), gluPwlCurve.3G(3).