gluCheckExtension.3G - Man Page

determines if an extension name is supported

C Specification

GLboolean gluCheckExtension( const GLubyte *extName,

	const GLubyte *extString )



Specifies an extension name.


Specifies a space-separated list of extension names supported.


gluCheckExtension returns GL_TRUE if extName is supported otherwise  GL_FALSE is returned.

This is used to check for the presence for OpenGL, GLU or GLX extension names by passing the extension strings returned by glGetString,  gluGetString, glXGetClientString, glXQueryExtensionsString, or glXQueryServerString, respectively, as extString.


Cases where one extension name is a substring of another are correctly handled.

There may or may not be leading or trailing blanks in extString.

Extension names should not contain embedded spaces.

All strings are null-terminated.

See Also

glGetString(3G), gluGetString(3G), glXGetClientString(3G), glXQueryExtensionsString(3G), glXQueryServerString(3G)