globus_thread_rmutex.h man page

globus_thread_rmutex.h ā€” Recursive Mutex. Ā 


#include 'globus_common_include.h'
#include 'globus_thread.h'

Data Structures

struct globus_rmutex_t
Recursive Mutex.


typedef int globus_rmutexattr_t
Recursive mutex attribute.


int globus_rmutex_init (globus_rmutex_t *rmutex, globus_rmutexattr_t *attr)
Initialize a recursive mutex.
int globus_rmutex_lock (globus_rmutex_t *rmutex)
Lock a recursive mutex.
int globus_rmutex_unlock (globus_rmutex_t *rmutex)
Unlock a recursive mutex.
int globus_rmutex_destroy (globus_rmutex_t *rmutex)
Destroy a recursive mutex.

Detailed Description

Recursive Mutex.


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The man page globus_rmutexattr_t(3) is an alias of globus_thread_rmutex.h(3).

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