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globus_hashtable.h - Man Page

Hash Table.


#include 'globus_types.h'
#include 'globus_list.h'


typedef int(* globus_hashtable_hash_func_t) (void *key, int limit)
typedef int(* globus_hashtable_keyeq_func_t) (void *key1, void *key2)
typedef void(* globus_hashtable_copy_func_t) (void **dest_key, void **dest_datum, void *src_key, void *src_datum)
typedef void(* globus_hashtable_destructor_func_t) (void *datum)


int globus_hashtable_init (globus_hashtable_t *table, int size, globus_hashtable_hash_func_t hash_func, globus_hashtable_keyeq_func_t keyeq_func)
Initialize a hash table.
void * globus_hashtable_lookup (globus_hashtable_t *table, void *key)
Look up a datum in a hash table.
int globus_hashtable_insert (globus_hashtable_t *table, void *key, void *datum)
Insert a datum into a hash table.
void * globus_hashtable_update (globus_hashtable_t *table, void *key, void *datum)
Update a hash table mapping.
void * globus_hashtable_remove (globus_hashtable_t *table, void *key)
Remove a datum from a hash table.
int globus_hashtable_to_list (globus_hashtable_t *table, globus_list_t **list)
Create a list of all datums in a hash table.
globus_bool_t globus_hashtable_empty (globus_hashtable_t *table)
Test hash table emptiness.
int globus_hashtable_size (globus_hashtable_t *table)
Hash table size.
void * globus_hashtable_first (globus_hashtable_t *table)
Initialize iterator to first hash table entry.
void * globus_hashtable_next (globus_hashtable_t *table)
Increment hash table iterator.
void * globus_hashtable_last (globus_hashtable_t *table)
Initialize iterator to last hash table entry.
void * globus_hashtable_prev (globus_hashtable_t *table)
Decrement hash table iterator.
int globus_hashtable_destroy (globus_hashtable_t *table)
Destroy a hash table

Destroys a hashtable representation, releasing any resources used to represent the mappings (abandoning any data in the queue). After this call, a hashtable is no longer considered initialized. "

int globus_hashtable_string_hash (void *string, int limit)
Null-terminated string hash function.
int globus_hashtable_string_keyeq (void *string1, void *string2)
Null-terminated string equality predicate.
int globus_hashtable_voidp_hash (void *voidp, int limit)
Void pointer hash function.
int globus_hashtable_voidp_keyeq (void *voidp1, void *voidp2)
Void pointer equality predicate.
int globus_hashtable_int_hash (void *integer, int limit)
Integer hash function.
int globus_hashtable_int_keyeq (void *integer1, void *integer2)
Integer equality predicate.

Detailed Description

Hash Table.


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