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globus_gsi_sysconfig_shared - Man Page


globus_gsi_sysconfig_shared — Functions for all platforms

— Functions for all platforms.  



globus_result_t globus_gsi_sysconfig_get_unique_proxy_filename (char **unique_filename)
Get Unique Proxy Filename.
globus_result_t globus_gsi_sysconfig_get_vhost_cred_dir (char **dir_name_out)
UNIX - Get vhost credential dir.

Detailed Description

Functions for all platforms.

These functions are platform independent members of the Globus GSI System Configuration API.

Function Documentation

globus_result_t globus_gsi_sysconfig_get_unique_proxy_filename (char ** unique_filename)

Get Unique Proxy Filename. Get a unique proxy cert filename. This is mostly used for delegated proxy credentials. Each filename returned is going to be unique for each time the function is called.


unique_filename the unique filename for a delegated proxy cert


GLOBUS_SUCCESS or an error object identifier

globus_result_t globus_gsi_sysconfig_get_vhost_cred_dir (char ** dir_name_out)

UNIX - Get vhost credential dir. Get the Trusted Certificate Directory containing the trusted Certificate Authority certificates. This directory is determined in the order shown below. Failure in one method results in attempting the next.

  1. $X509_VHOST_CRED_DIR environment variable
  2. $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/vhosts
  3. /etc/grid-security/vhosts

If this function is successful, it modifies dir_name_out to point to the directory path. The caller must free this value.


If successful, this function returns GLOBUS_SUCCESS. Otherwise, this function returns an error result.


dir_name_out Pointer to set to the vhosts directory


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The man pages globus_gsi_sysconfig_get_unique_proxy_filename(3) and globus_gsi_sysconfig_get_vhost_cred_dir(3) are aliases of globus_gsi_sysconfig_shared(3).

Version 9.6 globus_gsi_sysconfig