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globus_gsi_sysconfig_shared — Functions for all platforms


globus_result_t globus_gsi_sysconfig_get_unique_proxy_filename (char **unique_filename)
Get Unique Proxy Filename.

Detailed Description

These functions are platform independent members of the Globus GSI System Configuration API.

Function Documentation

globus_result_t globus_gsi_sysconfig_get_unique_proxy_filename (char ** unique_filename)

Get Unique Proxy Filename. Get a unique proxy cert filename. This is mostly used for delegated proxy credentials. Each filename returned is going to be unique for each time the function is called.


unique_filename the unique filename for a delegated proxy cert


GLOBUS_SUCCESS or an error object identifier


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globus_gsi_sysconfig_get_unique_proxy_filename(3) is an alias of globus_gsi_sysconfig_shared(3).

Sat Nov 5 2016 Version 6.11 globus_gsi_sysconfig