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Handle Management
Create/Destroy/Modify a GSI Proxy Handle.
Handle Attributes
Proxy Operations
Initiate a proxy operation.
Proxy Constants

Detailed Description

The globus_gsi_proxy library is motivated by the desire to provide a abstraction layer for the proxy creation and delegation process. For background on this process please refer to the proxy certificate profile draft.

Any program that uses Globus GSI Proxy functions must include 'globus_gsi_proxy.h'.

We envision the API being used in the following manner:

Delegator  Delegatee   set desired cert info extension in the handle by using the handle set functions.   globus_gsi_proxy_create_req()   globus_gsi_proxy_inquire_req()  modify cert info extension by using handle set/get/clear functions.   globus_gsi_proxy_sign_req()  globus_gsi_proxy_assemble_cred()  

The API documentation is divided into the following sections


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