globus_gass_transfer_request_proto_s man page

globus_gass_transfer_request_proto_s — Protocol module request handling structure.


#include <globus_gass_transfer_proto.h>

Data Fields

globus_gass_transfer_proto_send_t send_buffer

globus_gass_transfer_proto_receive_t recv_buffer

globus_gass_transfer_proto_func_t fail

globus_gass_transfer_proto_func_t deny

globus_gass_transfer_proto_func_t refer

globus_gass_transfer_proto_func_t authorize

globus_gass_transfer_proto_func_t destroy

Detailed Description

Protocol module request handling structure.

This structure is created by a GASS transfer protocol module to handle a particular request. It is created in response to a listener's accept method or a protocol module's new_request method.

Memory management of this structure is the responsibility of the protocol module. The destroy method will be called when the GASS Transfer library is finished dealing with it.

A protocol module may create a extension to this structure to contain protocol-specific information, as long as the first fields of the structure match this type.

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Field Documentation

globus_gass_transfer_proto_func_t globus_gass_transfer_request_proto_s::authorize

Authorize a request.

globus_gass_transfer_proto_func_t globus_gass_transfer_request_proto_s::deny

Deny a request.

globus_gass_transfer_proto_func_t globus_gass_transfer_request_proto_s::destroy

Destroy a request.

globus_gass_transfer_proto_func_t globus_gass_transfer_request_proto_s::fail

Fail a request.

This function is called when the application calls globus_gass_transfer_fail() on a request.

globus_gass_transfer_proto_receive_t globus_gass_transfer_request_proto_s::recv_buffer

Receive bytes.

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globus_gass_transfer_proto_func_t globus_gass_transfer_request_proto_s::refer

Refer a request.

globus_gass_transfer_proto_send_t globus_gass_transfer_request_proto_s::send_buffer

Send bytes.

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