gl_SampleMaskIn.3G man page

gl_SampleMaskIn — contains the computed sample coverage mask for the current fragment


in int gl_SampleMaskIn[] ;.SH "DESCRIPTION"

gl_SampleMaskIn is a fragment language that indicates the set of samples covered by the primitive generating the fragment during multisample rasterization. It has a sample bit set if and only if the sample is considered covered for this fragment shader invocation. Bit B of mask gl_SampleMask[M] corresponds to sample 32 * M + B. The array has ceil(s / 32) elements where s is the maximum number of color samples supported by the implementation.

Version Support

OpenGL Shading Language Version
Variable Name1.101.201.301.401.503.304.

See Also

gl_SampleMask(), gl_SampleID(), gl_SamplePosition(), gl_FragCoord()


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