gl_LocalInvocationIndex.3G man page

gl_LocalInvocationIndex — contains the local linear index of work item currently being operated on by a compute shader


in uint gl_LocalInvocationIndex ;.SH "DESCRIPTION"

In the compute language, gl_LocalInvocationIndex is a derived input variable containing the 1-dimensional linearized index of the work invocation within the work group that the current shader is executing on. The value of gl_LocalInvocationIndex is equal to gl_LocalInvocationID.z * gl_WorkGroupSize.x * gl_WorkGroupSize.y + gl_LocalInvocationID.y * gl_WorkGroupSize.x + gl_LocalInvocationID.x.

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See Also

gl_NumWorkGroups(), gl_WorkGroupID(), gl_WorkGroupSize(), gl_LocalInvocationID()


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