glXQueryVersion.3G - Man Page

return the version numbers of the GLX extension

C Specification

Bool glXQueryVersion( Display *dpy,

	int *major,
	int *minor )



Specifies the connection to the X server.


Returns the major version number of the GLX server extension.


Returns the minor version number of the GLX server extension.


glXQueryVersion returns the major and minor version numbers of the GLX extension implemented by the server associated with connection dpy. Implementations with the same major version number are upward compatible, meaning that the implementation with the higher minor number is a superset of the version with the lower minor number.

major and minor do not return values if they are specified as NULL.


glXQueryVersion returns False if it fails, True otherwise.

major and minor are not updated when False is returned.

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Referenced By

glXFreeContextEXT.3G(3), glXGetClientString.3G(3), glXGetContextIDEXT.3G(3), glXGetCurrentDisplay.3G(3), glXImportContextEXT.3G(3), glXIntro.3G(3), glXQueryContextInfoEXT.3G(3), glXQueryExtension.3G(3), glXQueryExtensionsString.3G(3), glXQueryServerString.3G(3).