glXQueryExtensionsString.3G - Man Page

return list of supported extensions

C Specification

const char * glXQueryExtensionsString( Display *dpy,

	int screen )



Specifies the connection to the X server.


Specifies the screen.


glXQueryExtensionsString  returns a pointer to a string describing which GLX extensions are supported on the connection. The string is null-terminated and contains a space-separated list of  extension names.  (The extension names themselves never contain  spaces.) If there are no extensions to GLX, then the empty string is  returned.


glXQueryExtensionsString is available only if the GLX version is 1.1 or greater.

glXQueryExtensionsString only returns information about GLX extensions. Call  glGetString to get a list of GL extensions.

See Also

glGetString, glXQueryVersion,  glXQueryServerString, glXGetClientString

Referenced By

gluCheckExtension.3G(3), glXFreeContextEXT.3G(3), glXGetClientString.3G(3), glXGetContextIDEXT.3G(3), glXGetCurrentDisplay.3G(3), glXImportContextEXT.3G(3), glXIntro.3G(3), glXQueryContextInfoEXT.3G(3), glXQueryServerString.3G(3).