glXQueryContextInfoEXT.3G - Man Page

query context information

C Specification

int glXQueryContextInfoEXT( Display *dpy,

	GLXContext ctx,
	int attribute,
	int *value )



Specifies the connection to the X server.


Specifies a GLX rendering context.


The visual ID that the context was created with.


The X screen the the context was created for.


The context with which this context shares display lists. or NULL if this context does not share display lists.


glXQueryContextInfoEXT  returns the the visual id, screen number, and share list  of ctx. This call may cause a round trip to the server.

glXQueryContextInfoEXT is part of the EXT_import_context extension, not part of the core GLX command set. If GLX_EXT_import_context is included in the string returned by glXQueryExtensionsString, when called with argument GLX_EXTENSIONS, extension EXT_import_context is supported.


GLXBadContext is generated if ctx does not refer to a valid context.

See Also

glXCreateContext, glXQueryVersion, glXQueryExtensionsString